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Wine Lovers For Your Reading Pleasure

Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Looking for tips on organizing a wine-tasting fundraiser? Here are some ideas on organizing your fundraising event in order to maximize your proceeds.

Obviously, a wine-tasting event needs wine experts, so begin by seeking suitable merchant partnerships based not only on expertise, but also access to the best wines. After all, you have to be able to provide numerous bottles of expensive wine and there's no sense in paying anything near retail price.

Partner with a wine merchant or distributor who can not only help with supplying wine and expert advice, but can also help sell advance tickets to your event.

Organization Tips
Getting plenty of advance publicity is a must. Take the time to put together a press release and get the word out to local media outlets such as tv and radio stations.

Be sure to offer tickets through not only your organization, but also through participating merchants and other groups who support your cause.

It never hurts to have another nonprofit group plugging your fundraising event to their supporters as well. Strike an agreement to do the same thing for their fundraiser.

You will need a suitable place for your wine tasting fundraiser such as a reception hall or scenic outdoor setting. Arrange tables in a layout to suit the space and leave plenty of room for access to each table.

Experts can describe each tasting while wearing a lapel microphone and visiting each table. Use volunteers to bring a bottle of each vintage to all the tables prior to their discussion and have them handle the pouring.

To add a festive flair, consider providing live music with a string quartet or jazz group.

Profit Tips
There are many additional ways to raise funds at your wine tasting. One is to conduct both silent auctions and live auctions for rare wines and wine-related merchandise.

Run your silent auctions from an easy to reach spot such as the check-in table and always do a last call for bids. With live auctions of expensive wines, consider using a professional auctioneer in order to maximize bid prices.

Talk to your merchant partners about ways where both of you can profit such as offering gift certificates to their stores or special case buys on recommended wines.

Look for tie-ins with other merchants who offer related products such as wine glasses, gourmet food items, or travel trips to wine country.

For really large events, provide valet parking services and raise a few extra dollars.

Additional Event Fundraising
Auctions are an additional way to maximize revenue at your wine tasting event. You can offer bottles of fine wines via silent auction or conduct a live auction.

Raffle tickets are another great way to raise additional funds. They are a great way to offering an inexpensive chance at winning an expensive prize. Sometimes, you can even raise more money buy raffling off an item than by auctioning it to the highest bidder.

With a good-sized crowd, raffle off multiple items. You can use the approach where one fairly pricey ticket gives you a shot at multiple prizes. With a high-priced single raffle ticket being sold, you draw from the same pool for multiple winners.

Another approach is to keep the ticket price low and encourage people to buy multiple tickets. This way, the chance that an individual ticket will win is much lower, but people will often spend a greater amount on the lower-priced tickets.

And of course, a raffle allows you to sell tickets to people who can't make the event but would still like to participate in the fun.

Closing Tips
For a successful wine tasting, be sure to allow yourself enough lead time to successfully publicize and organize your fundraiser event. Get the maximum possible turnout by making tickets available at a discount for advance purchases and at a higher price at the door.

If your location is not well-known, be sure to provide directions on flyers wherever tickets are sold. Print a contact number on the tickets for any last-minute questions.

Do everything you can to make the night memorable. Decorate your location appropriately, provide live music and dancing, use a dedicated announcer, and serve plenty of unusual wines to compare.

Using a local media personality as a host is another great way to ensure a large turnout. It's best to route such requests through the program director of their employer.

Good luck with your wine tasting fundraiser!

About the Author

Kimberly Reynolds writes about fundraising and ideas on having a wine tasting fundraiser event on her website. Find hundreds of fundraising ideas on her website.

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Residential Wine Cellars

Wine has become a popular beverage with many Americans, and is sold almost everywhere. This is because it is studied consistently for its wide variety...

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Wine Lovers Items For Viewing

Roberto Voerzio Barolo "La Serra" D.O.C.G.

"The 1998 Barolo La Serra is a finesse-styled offering, exhibiting a deep ruby color in addition to a sexy nose of sweet black cherries, fennel, vanilla, and spice. Velvety texture, full body, and overall harmony suggest it will drink well young as well as over the following 10-15 years." RP - 91 (Subject to Availability) VBS98 VBS98

Price: 166.99 USD

Chianti Region


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Please don't treat this as an average piece of writing on Cream Sherry . A lot of effort and hard work has been put to get this end product!

Current Cream Sherry News

Chef Foster returns to Christinne's kitchen (The Daily Reflector)

Wed, 26 Mar 2008 04:37:40 PDT
Christinne's Seafood Grille & Chophouse at the Hilton Greenville has welcomed back Chef de Cuisine Shannon Foster and added his Asian-infused cuisine to the traditional chophouse menu. The restaurant now offers breakfast and lunch buffets, as well.

SF House Tour: Holly and Sean's Global Style

Tue, 25 Mar 2008 17:15:31 PDT
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Beamsville winemaker forays into new berry-drying territory - Timmins Daily Press

Beamsville winemaker forays into new berry-drying territory
Timmins Daily Press, Canada - 10 hours ago
"You should taste these," he says as he snatches another berry from a plastic rack holding bunches of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. "They're delicious. ...

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Bra that fills with alcohol gives women a "wine rack."

Wed, 06 Feb 2008 07:21:32 PST
It's a bra flask! First it gives the confidence of bigger boobs, then liquid confidence as it's emptied. Brilliant!

Happy Spring!

Sun, 23 Mar 2008 14:53:12 PDT
This morning I woke up with a hankering for just a little something special to celebrate Easter, (more like spring time, for us. Although, look here….still snowing). We ran to the store so I could get some vinegar and I picked up a loaf of just baked french bread, too. We almost ate the whole thing instead of making bread pudding but I really do love bread pudding. I served it in my girly cups with whipped cream and it was super. “Now, you can’t have any till I photograph it. Oh screw it,

Decorative Wine Rack Furniture

Sat, 22 Mar 2008 18:48:10 PDT
If you want to display your wines in a stylish and creative ways, then all you need is a versatile wine rack that would always fit perfectly in your home.

Cell Phone
Marvel Wine
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Once I learnt more and more about Iron Wine , I fostered a desire of writing on Iron Wine . Now that my desire has been fulfilled, I hope your desire for its information too has been fulfilled.

Today's Iron Wine Article

Robots with a Sense of Taste for Wine

NEC System Technologies, a technology-oriented IT company provides customers with infrastructure and solutions that best fit their business requirements and by consolidating accumulated knowledge create valuable solutions for the new generation and deliver them to customers.

The Mie University that looks for the creation of a unique educational environment and a research program based on the local region toward the world together with NEC System Technologies has developed a "Personal Robot with a Sense of Taste".

The Japanese researchers have manage to create a "robot-sommelier" that is capable of examining the taste of food and giving the name of the food as well as its ingredients. But the robot can provide more information beside the ingredients and can give advice on the food and on health issues based on the information gathered. The achievement was made possible by combining NEC System Technologies' robot technology and pattern recognition technology with the analytical techniques of the infrared spectroscopic technology of the BIFE Laboratory. The director of the NEC System Technology Research Laboratory in Japan explained that: "There are all kinds of robots out there doing many different things. But we decided to focus on wine because that seemed like a real challenge."

The first robot was called "Health and Food Advice Robot," but now the experts developed it into a so-called robot-sommelier, or "wine-bot" that can "taste" and identify types of wine. The shape of the robot is very pleasant is it is 2ft-tall (0.6m). It uses sensors with infrared light to identify different tastes. Infrared light is fired through the sample, and the robot can differentiate between different types of food and drink by determining the different wavelengths of light that are absorbed. By using its built-in voice function, the robot can convey exactly what it has found out.

The press as well as the world of wine has reacted in different ways to the launch of the robot.

The Associated Press it is useful as it could become personalised to recommend wines to suit its owner's palate. The robot is capable of distinguishing several different types or blends of grapes and can be personalised to alert a customer to the wines they prefer, and to recommend to new varieties that they might like to try.

For the moment the tasting power of the robot is limited but the researchers expect that in the future the robot could be used by the wine industry to help in quality control. Nowadays when the global wine market boasts thousands of wines it is very difficult for a robot to distinguish between all of them.

Bibendum Wine Limited occupies a very special position in the UK wine trade and overseas as it made two very significant joint ventures, one with Lion Nathan Wine Group for their regional Australian wine portfolio, and the other with Boisset of Burgundy for their range of fine French wines. As a reaction to the launching of the robot-sommelier, Dan Coward, from Bibendum Wine Limited, said: "I love new ideas in wine, but this one seems like technology for the sake of it. The human wine taster will always have the upper hand in terms of flavour, smell and texture, and can make qualitative judgments based on the combination of these factors. We are trying to get more people to taste wine as often as possible, so it would be a real shame if they decided a robot should do that for them."

About the Author

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Thoughts about Iron Wine

California Wines and Tips For Winery Tours

If you are planning a trip to California, then you might want to consider scheduling some time for a trip to visit some of the many California winerie...

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Iron Wine Items For Viewing

Maikammerer Heiligenberg Gewurztraminer Spaetlese - Gold Medal

The Ziegler family has been making wine in the Rheinpfalz for almost 300 years. The current winery was built in 1894 and is now a national monument. Uwe Ziegler, the winery's owner, travels regularly to Australia and California to supplement his wine knowledge and to learn new techniques in wine production. Gewurztraminer is a difficult grape to work with and any mistakes made by the winemaker or damage done to grapes due to weather are easily detected. With that being said, it is a real treat when we find such a well made Gewurztraminer. This 2003 Spaetlese from Ziegler features an intense nose of roses and plenty of fruit on the palate. Gewurztraminer's famous spiciness kicks in on the back palate to make this white sweet wine a truly unique and special among the German wines. GMS03 GMS03

Price: 49.99 USD

Wine Terminology


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