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Wine Accessories - The things you need.

What is soup without a spoon? What is pen without paper? What is wine without accessories? If you said "incomplete" then you are correct.

Let's start with the basics. In order to enjoy wine properly you need a wine glass (also known as stemware). And not just any wine glass, the shape of the wine glass and the material it is made of makes a big difference. According to the IneTours website, wine glasses with large, broad bowls are used for bold red wines with bigger bouquets and and narrower wine glasses are used for lighter white wines. If champagne is your beverage of choice then stick to a tall, slender glass. Why does all this matter? Well, the shape of the glass helps concentrate the aroma of the wine and the material of the wine glass helps aerate the wine. Whatever glass you choose make sure it has a stem so that you don't get fingerprints on the bowl of the glass.

Once you choose your wine glass make sure you don't fill it up to the top! Halfway full will be just fine. After you are done with your serving, wash your glass. Some experts say using hot water is enough, and some recommend using detergent. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you hold the glass up to the light to ensure that it is truly clean. That seems basic but wine often leaves a fine coat of scum in glasses.

The next thing is pretty basic. You want to enjoy your wine right? Well you have to be able to open it. Invest in a good wine opener. There are several styles to choose from. There is the lever-style, twist-style, waiter-style, pump-style, rogar uncorking machines and wing corkscrews. Each style of wine opener has its benefits. You can expect to spend from $18 for a basic style to $200 for a more advanced machine.

Next you might want to consider a wine decanter. Decanting wine is an excellent way to improve the taste. What's decanting? Well, when wine ages it accumulates sediment. The sediment is not only ugly, but it tastes bad too. This occurs most often with red wine. When you decant, you aerate the wine thus improving the taste. Also, decanters make great centerpieces for tables. Depending on your budget, a decanter will run you anywhere from $20 to in excess of $500.

If you are a heavy wine drinker you may want a wine cooler. No, I am not talking about the $5 flavored wine you buy at the gas station. Wine coolers are best for white or sparkling wines. Whether you are looking for a small wine cooler for the kitchen or a full sized wine cellar there is a cooler for you. You can expect to spend $200 for a table top wine cooler to $900 for a 100 bottle cooler.

Now you have your checklist. Choose a wine glass based on the type of drink you are having and make sure you thoroughly clean it. Next make sure you have the proper tool to open your wine bottle. If you are drinking older wine, consider investing in a decanter. And if wine is your regular drink of choice, think about a wine cooler. Once you get everything situated, enjoy!

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Short Review on Bordeaux Wine

Wine Accessories - The things you need.

What is soup without a spoon? What is pen without paper? What is wine without accessories? If you said "incomplete" then you are correct.

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