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Tuesday 04/01/08 - - Burgandy Wine

A Burgandy Wine Artilce for Your Viewing

Making Homemade Wine

6 Benefits to Making your own Wine

Ever thought what benefits you can reap by making your own homemade wine

Making wine is an art that is thousands of years old and the process has been handed down by generations. In this modern age we can make our own wine with the right tution.

We will explain how this can be done very easily with house hold items that you have in your own kitchen

#1 BENEFIT Make Wine from other Fruits rather than Grapes

Why would we make our own wine rather than buying. It might seem to be a big hassle when we could just take a walk to the super market and buy a bottle.
I will tell you it is all in the process of getting started,doing something different,something you have never tackled before. Most of the wine we buy is made of grapes. If you can think of some of the wines and liquers you can make from all the berries and fruits that are around you, even Orange wine, Peach wine, just to mention a few. Can you imagine tasting some of them thet you made yourself.

#2 BENEFIT Fine Acheivment

That would be such a fine acheivment, to make something worthwhile out of some fruit you picked this morning, Like the 6 or 7 stalks of rhubarb from the corner. And now you can taste your own wine that you have nurtured.
You can be proud that you have made wine by your own hand
through all the processes till you can pull the cork and pour it in the glass.

#3 BENEFIT A New Hobby

It might just be for a hobby you start to make your own wine ,"Good on You" because once you get hooked you will be making more and more wine and liquers. There is actually no end of what you an make. I have got here recipes for Vermouth, Cherry Brandy wine, Sloe Gin wine, Red Curacao wine, Tangerine wine, Loganberry wine, Elderberry Claret, just to metion a few.

#4 BENEFIT Friends are Envious of Your Achievments

When you have a party and have freinds round you will be popular not to mention the envy. You will give them something to talk about to their neighbors and freinds.
All the different wines that you make by your own hands, you can be proud.

#5 BENEFIT A Stock of wine You can be Proud Of

Imagine a year from now how many different bottles of wine you could have made, The loft will be full.
A good idea is to put 2 bottles away out of each batch that you have made and by the end of the year you will have a great selection of your own wines. By doing this as well you are letting it mature and will taste a lot better.

#6 BENEFIT No Need to buy Wine Again

And think about that, you will never have to buy another bottle of wine again as you will have you own wine cellar to pick and choose from

Now that you have read through the 6 Benefits to You making you own wine, don't forget about it, do something about it.
Can't you smell the aroma and taste your own wine with all the different fruits that are a round you. the envy of your friends and the self gratification of the making of your own wine.

Dave Leitch writer of this article invites you to have a go at making your own wines. Get a preview of this great book,
"How to Make Perfect Wines and Spirits From Home"
Get it now at

About the Author

Dave is all for making his own wine since living a lot of years in South Africa and has drank many a Cape wine, but since returning to the UK has
taken up making his own wine

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