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Wine Tasting in Northamptonshire - Revitalizing the Taste Buds for Corporate Event

Wine looks the same when poured in a glass, but it tastes different to your taste buds. It all depends on your taste. Do you often find it difficult to select the brand of wine you like best? Well, this time you get to participate in some simple fun filled ways of judging your taste profile through some exciting corporate events.

Knowing your Taste through Wine Tasting Corporate Activity

Taste Trail in Northamptonshire is one of Chillisauce's innovative ideas of helping you self judge the type of wine that you like best. This thrilling corporate activity starts with a fun animated wine tutorial providing a crash course in the art of tasting the accurate wine blend. Some connoisseur's then judge the wine preferences of the guests by individually questioning all of them.

You will be asked to taste different wine blends and write down the scores with the help of the wine adventure colour charts and the Nez du Vin aroma kits that will be provided to you. At the end of the evening, everyone will be given their taste profile, a guide to your own taste that will help you in the future while selecting wine from the stores.

The whole process takes around two hours, however the work timing can be adjusted according to individual requirements. Even the corporate event venue is arranged according to your preference, thus it includes no venue fees. You can even take this corporate wine tasting courses in Northamptonshire to a competitive level by placing your request at Chillisauce.

Benefits of Wine Tasting

Wine tasting corporate event arranged by Chillisauce gives you the perfect opportunity to be your own judge, and self-judge is unquestionably the best judge. It trains you to concentrate as you make the fine distinguishing between different flavours of blended wine. This corporate event is filled with fun. It is relaxing and interactive and fills you with a sense of self-satisfaction as you judge your own taste successfully. When you take this corporate event to a competitive level by a request made to Chillisauce, it strengthens the team unity and helps in building the perfect team.

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Michigan Wine Items For Viewing

Gewuerztraminer Kabinett

The German Gewuerz means spicy, which is what gives our wine a distinct spicy aroma. The Gewuerztraminer Kabinett style makes this a semi-fruity wine in taste. You must try this white wine from Germany; it creates a wonderful new taste sensation. You can enjoy this wine just by itself or use it to add life into any dinner by enhancing your meal with a glass of Gewurztraminer Kabinett. This wine goes especially well with Chinese sweet & sour dishes or pork with applesauce or turkey with cranberries. Serve chilled. KAGKS799 KAGKS799

Price: 24.95 USD

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