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A Fresno Wine Artilce for Your Viewing

Good Wine Storage Can Help in the Preserving and Aging of your Wine

Wine storage is vital to collecting fine wines because you will need to let them age in proper and safe place. There are many different ways to store fine wine and whichever wine storage solution you choose you will need to keep the room conditions constant.

Temperature in the room were you store your wine collection needs to be at a constant 48-62 degrees with plenty of ventilation. You must also keep any source of light to a minimum with no sunlight allowed in the wine storage area.

Wine racks come in many different sizes and varieties which should be chosen for your needs but are definitely a necessary part of fine wine storage. Wine racks can be made of metal which tend to be more flamboyant and stylish while wood racks are classic and traditional in style.

Find wine racks and wine storage products that will tie together your overall style and look you are going after. Your choice is to determine if you want to look like a professional wine collector. If so you can put great time and effort into the complete look of your wine racks and wine cellar. If you are content with just having a great place to store your vintage fine wines for later consumption than going to that degree may not be needed.

Once you do open wine it is best to consume any wine relatively soon. There are two basic rules which apply to opened wine. First, refrigerate the wine to help preserve its taste, Secondly minimize the wine's exposure to oxygen by transferring it to a smaller container and corking it with a vacuum stopper.

For more information about proper wine storage and wine care check out

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Chris Maley is the publisher of a consumer information on the wine industry and wine retailers like Organic Wine Company which has a quality selection of fine wines and more information on wine storage.

Another short Fresno Wine review

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