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Tuesday - Wine Cellar

Another Great Wine Cellar Article

Chicken in Wine - A Versatile Recipe

The following is a simplified version of the classic French coq au vin that can easily be prepared by beginners, practically cooks itself and tastes wonderful. Moreover, it can be adapted in many ways to use ingredients you happen to have in your pantry.

1. Basic Ingredients

- One chicken, cut up (or equivalent in chicken parts - thighs work well)

- 2 cups cut-up vegetables (possibly mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, see section "Variations"

- 1-2 cups wine. Do not use "cooking wine" but rather any simple, but drinkable red or white wine.

- olive oil

2. Preparation

- Heat some olive oil in large frying pan, with lid removed. Add chicken parts in small batches and brown them.

- Transfer browned chicken to plate, add vegetables to pan and sautee for 2-3 minutes.

- Add chicken parts to pan

- Add wine

-Let mixture come to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 45-50 minute with lid closed, turning chicken occasionally.

- Add salt and pepper to taste

- Serve with rice, pasta or just some good baguette, and of course some wine.

3. Variations

- mushrooms and red wine

- mushrooms, spring onions and white wine

- red onions, garlic and red wine

- tomatoes, bell peppers and red wine

- artichoke hearts, small potatoes and white wine

Use your imagination!

About the Author

Pamela Bruce lives in Austin, TX. She is the owner of Love Beads Unlimited and sells the sterling silver and Swarovski crystal bead jewelry she designs and creates both in her Etsy shop ( and on her website at, where you can also download the free e-book "A Consumer's Guide to Buying Bead Jewelry Online".

Wine Cellar and More

Chicken in Wine - A Versatile Recipe

The following is a simplified version of the classic French coq au vin that can easily be prepared by beginners, practically cooks itself and tastes w...

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