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A Wine Vineyards Artilce for Your Viewing

10 Great Wine Tasting Tips

1. Try something new and you might be surprised. Let the staff make suggestions. Compare the wines aged in steel to those aged in oak.

1. Try something new and you might be surprised. Let the staff make suggestions. Compare the wines aged in steel to those aged in oak.

2. Take Notes especially if you are gone all day. Most wineries offer a list that will assist you on keeping track. When you get home to your local wine shop, you will appreciate having a cheat sheet.

3. Visit during off season. November through May is an excellent time. You might be only one of the few guests all day, so the staff can give you some extra time.

4. Ask Questions. Winery staff love to be engaged and help educate. They are trained to know a lot about the wines you taste.

5. Eat the crackers. They help you clean your palate and absorb the alcohol.

6. Don't just stick with the big-name wineries. Check out some of the smaller ones in the area.

7. The nose, knows. Try not to use too much perfume or aftershave. The aroma of the wine is half the fun of tasting.

8. Call ahead for large parties. If you call ahead some wineries will even arrange cheese and fruit trays.

9. Be patient. If you prefer to visit during the peak seasons, you will have a great time tasting, but it may take a minute or two for the staff to serve you.

10. To test for a really good wine, swirl it around the glass. Legs or tears are what is left trickling down the glass after swirling. The stickier and longer the legs the better the quality.


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Wine Vineyards and More

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Wine Vineyards Items For Viewing

2005 Madre Tierra Cabernet Sauvignon

Elaborated only with fine winestock coming from own vineyards situated over 800 mts. above sea level, in The Tulum Valley, San Juan, Argentina. 100 % Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This wine displays a deep red-ruby color, delicious fruity aroma and a smooth aftertaste. Adequate drinking temperature: between 62 F and 68 F. This Madre Tierra dry wine is ideal to accompany strong meals, red meats and condimented pastes. 7317100053 7317100053

Price: 29.95 USD

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Storing Wine


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