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2008 - Wine Vineyard

A Featured Wine Vineyard Article

Impress with stylish stemless wine glasses

The leading edge of design: Stemless Wine Glasses

Check if your sommelier is hip and up-to-date by requesting your next order of Bordeaux or Chardonnay be served into stemless wine glasses instead of the standard stemware. North America's trendiest restaurants are riding the wave of the industry's efforts to demystify vino, adding a new twist to an old concept. Stemless wine glasses are catching on, and are suddenly becoming the most stylish way to serve your guests.

While this tumbler concept may seem new for the trade, Europeans have been using them in this fashion for centuries. The unique, eye-catching designs are encouraging younger people to enjoy and explore the powerful possibilities of vino. Riedel crystal is now producing stemless wine glasses, and the company's "O" series are selling fast. From the side they look like the printed letter "O", and are shaped according to strict design rules for certain types - slim curves for delicate whites and broader bases for robust reds.

This particular manufacturer has made these distinctive tumblers available in six varieties: Riesling / Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot / Nebbiolo, Chardonnay, Viognier / Chardonnay, Syrah / Shiraz, and Cabernet / Merlot. If you are seeking great online discounts for these spectacular stemless wine glasses that are sure to impress your guests, our extensive web guide has everything you need right here. These exceptional pieces will make a great addition to any kitchen or bar, and make great gifts for any occasion. Enjoy your next bottle in style!

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Impress with stylish stemless wine glasses

The leading edge of design: Stemless Wine Glasses
Check if your sommelier is hip and up-to-date by requesting your next order of Bordeaux or Chardonna...

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Wine Vineyard Products we recommend

Pol Clement Brut

This is made from only the Chardonnay grape. Very fine, delicate, & dry. For generations sparkling wine from France has set the standard for wine lovers the world over, this applies right across the range from premium Champagnes to everyday bubblies. Pol Clement Brut is an excellent dry white wine of its type, made predominantly from Chardonnay for character and strength. It is elegant and fruity with delicate bubbles. Excellent holiday gift to buy online. 100140 100140

Price: 15.99 USD

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