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Wednesday - Wine Cellars

Today's Wine Cellars Article

Be Healthy - Drink Wine!

Is wine good for you? The answer is, ?Yes!? There?s lots of research providing proof that there really are health benefits from drinking wine.

Flavonoids from the skins and seeks of red grapes are the key to wine being good for you. These flavonoids lower your risk of coronary heart disease by reducing your LDL or bad cholesterol levels. At the same time these flavonoids actually increase your HDL or good cholesterol levels and decrease the likelihood of blood clotting.

Scientists believe that there may be other health benefits from red wine. A recent study discovered that an antioxidant in the skins of red grapes, called resveratrol, may inhibit the growth of tumors in some cancers. It?s possible that resveratrol can help treat Alzheimer?s and Parkinson?s as well and new studies are on the way.

Are some wines better for you than others? Again, the answer is, ?Yes!? Researchers at University of California at Davis have concluded that full-bodied dry red wines contain the highest levels of flavonoids and provide the greatest benefits. The number one wine for supplying the most flavonoids is Cabernet Sauvignon with Petit Syrah and Pinot Noir also ranking highly. Sweeter wines and white wines have less flavonoids and are less beneficial.

How much should you drink? Moderation is the key. Women should drink 4 ounces of red wine daily with a meal and men 4-8 ounces.

Pour yourself a glass of red wine and drink to your health. Cheers!

Kathy Howe and her husband, Steve, spend much of their free time tasting and enjoying wine. Their interest in wine is reflected in their Web Site, ? a Comprehensive Guide to the California Wine Country.

Another short Wine Cellars review

Be Healthy - Drink Wine!

Is wine good for you? The answer is, ?Yes!? There?s lots of research providing proof that there really are health benefits from drinking wine.Flavon...

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Current Wine Cellars News

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Mon, 04 Aug 2008 11:11:49 -0700
Researchers have found a compound in Red Wine that binds to cells in the body to make them more efficient and less prone to aging and the diseases associated with aging. With enough research, if this compound were supplemented in humans, what could be accomplished?

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WL’s Gary Vaynerchuk to Attend Dec.6th Fort Mason Tasting

Wed, 26 Nov 2008 09:02:46 -0800
On December 6th, Gary Vaynerchuk of WLTV will attend the 2nd Annual Fort Mason Tasting Event in San Francisco. The public gathering will take place at the Golden Gate Room and be from 6pm to midnight. The event promises to be educational for the newbie as well as for the skilled palate. And just plain fun. Gary is well-known for his boundless energy and approachable, good nature. In the interests of ‘full disclosure’ I must say that two writers for this space are the hosts. Both Brandon and

Celebrity wine bluffs raise a packet for charity (AlertNet)

Wed, 26 Nov 2008 08:30:36 -0800
ActionAid Our vision is a world without poverty in which every person can exercise their right to a life of dignity. Our mission is to work with poor and marginalised people to eradicate poverty by overcoming the injustice and inequity that cause it.

No corking Uruguay's emerging status as wine country (Sun-Sentinel)

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The Juanicó region, made up mostly of family-run vineyards, is gaining ground as a popular wine tourism destination. Wind-tousled grapevines, marching in cornrow-straight lines and hung with pearl-like clusters of light-green fruit, stretch as far as the eye can see across gently rolling farmland near the village of Juanicó in the Canelones District. Flowering red rosebushes punctuate the ...

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WorldFest-Houston Filmmaker Comments & Quotes! We would like to share the opinions of our award-winners and participants with you, to give you a better idea of the quality and significance of WorldFest. These are not our words, but the very personal thoughts and opinions of recent WorldFest alumni… "FORGET SUNDANCE! WorldFest is one of the best conceived festival productions on the planet!" ( This is simply our favorite quote... it says it all! ) - Craig Outhier, film critic,

Letters to Datebook (San Francisco Chronicle)

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'Twilight' movie almost as good as book Editor - "Twilight." ("The undead are, like, so totally dreamy," Nov. 20.) The word if spoken will make any teen girl scream. Stephenie Meyer, the genius writer behind the "Twilight" series, has created a phenomenon....

Aging Wine


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