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August 2008 - Cabernet Sauvignon

Another Great Cabernet Sauvignon Article

Judging A Wine's Taste

There are so many different designs of wine racks you can find. Depending on your taste, whether you want an old classic look or a modern touch, you can choose the wine rack. Wood is still the most loved storage wine rack. There are a few wine racks that are even made for storing wine inside the refrigerator. Wine bottles have to be kept and stored with utmost care. These wine racks hold the bottles in contact with the cork, thereby preventing any loss of taste or smell of delicate liquids.

There are hundreds of wines available on the market today. First time buyers usually don't have any idea what to pick so they settle for the best packaged wine bottles but end up drinking low quality wines.
Art of Wine Tasting.

Here are some tips on how to judge the wine from its appearance, smell, and taste:

1. When choosing a wine, get the one that is clear and free of any floating particles. This is the common complaint against homemade wines. Some wine makers forget to sanitize all their equipment leaving residue in the bottled wines.

Avoid the ones that are cloudy, this indicates that the wine is dull. The color of the wine depends on its type. Fortified wines are pale yellow, red wines are deep purple, amber, and mahogany, white wines on the other hand are colorless or pale yellow to a deeper shade of gold and amber.

In determining the substance of the wine, swirl it around using a clear glass and note how long before it flows down to the sides. Full bodied or heavy wines will flow down in sheets while medium bodied wines are likely to break in lines. Wines that are light bodied on the other hand will not cling at all when swirled.

2. A wine???s taste will largely depend on its smell. Good tasting wines release pleasant aroma sof the substances used in making a specific wine. A bad tasting wine smells like mold or rotten eggs usually because of metal contamination during the aging process. These unpleasant smelling wines should not be drunk due to risk of being poisoned.

3. A good tasting wine has a specific and strong flavor that is commonly used in recognizing its type. In addition, the wine must have balance among its components without excess acidity or tannin.

To accurately determine the taste, take some wine and let it stay in your mouth for few seconds. This process will allow strong sensations on the tongue to determine the texture and flavor of the wine.

Also, good tasting wines don't leave an unpleasant aftertaste. They should have a crisp, clean finish. They should not be watery, they should have a lingering aftertaste.

Judging the taste of the wine begins with its appearance. Don't be fooled with nice bottles or packages when buying wines, instead pay attention to its clarity. If the wine looks good, it is highly possible that it will smell and taste good.

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Wine Tasting for beginners

Short Review on Cabernet Sauvignon

Judging A Wine's Taste

There are so many different designs of wine racks you can find. Depending on your taste, whether you want an old classic look or a modern touch, you c...

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Cabernet Sauvignon Items For Viewing

Collin-Bourisset Beaujolais Nouveau

The Burgundy firm of Collin-Bourisset produces a range of southern Burgundy wines, including Beaujolais from all Crus, topped by their famous "Hospices de Moulin a Vent". When it comes to Beaujolais Nouveau we have not found a better supplier. This is real Beaujolais, not that frothy, weedy, watery soup most producers throw out to an undiscerning market. This dry red wine from France is a perfect gift to buy online. BNV05 BNV05

Price: 34.99 USD

Current Cabernet Sauvignon News

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