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Sunday 01/04/09 - Sparkling Wines

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California Wine Limo Excursions

There are so many wineries in California that your explorations can often result in the need for third party transportation. With California wine limo excursions, you can get around in comfort and luxury.

California Wine Limo Excursions

Most wine lovers know about the big northern California wine regions - Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. These areas produce some of the highest quality and most appreciated wines in the entire US. There are, however, other northern California wine regions; one of them is Anderson Valley. Home to some of the least known yet highly praised wineries in the state, California wine limo excursions of the Anderson Valley and Mendocino can be very rewarding - you will feel like you're discovering a wine region few others have visited.

Mendocino wine country is home to some very fine vineyards and wineries, and the best way to see this region is with one of the California wine limo excursions. One company that offers luxury (in either a Lincoln Town Car or SUV stretch limousine) is Mendo Wine. Located in the town of Mendocino, this excursion company prides itself on creating excursions that are enjoyable and tailored to your tastes. Each excursion day starts at 10:00 am, and the limo excursion will stop at four to five wineries as time allows. There is a set list of wineries visited by Mendo Wine, and while visiting each one is not possible, you can make requests and they will be accommodated as possible.

The wine excursion limo will pick you up at any inn or hotel within Mendocino Village, or down to Navarro Bridge south. Driving to the wineries in the Mendocino area takes about 35 minutes from the village, and you will be able to see redwood forests along the coastline as you approach your destination. You can either join a group excursion, or reserve a private excursion for two in the Town Car or a private limo excursion for two. While enjoying the wineries of the Anderson Valley, you will be chauffeured from spot to spot, stopping for gourmet lunch at one of the wineries as well as enjoying bread and cheese along with your wine tastings.

Some of the wineries you'll discover while taking California wine limo excursions in the Mendocino area include the Goldeneye Winery, famous for the best premium Pinot Noir in the region and Greenwood Ridge Vineyards which produces all of its varietals in small batches (less than 7000 cases produced per year). The wineries selected to be on the excursions led by Mendo Wine are seen as the best examples of each of the wine types produced in the region - from the white wines that are made in Philo to the deep reds produced in the ridges above Anderson Valley.

A different spot to consider for your next wine adventure, Mendocino is a perfect place to discover new wines as well as enjoy the beauty of northern California. California wine limo excursions add a bit of luxury to your wine trip as well.

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California Wine Limo Excursions

There are so many wineries in California that your explorations can often result in the need for third party transportation. With California wine limo...

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