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Friday 10/17/08 - Wine Store

A Wine Store Artilce for Your Viewing

Wine Cellar Innovations

The basic purpose of a wine cellar is to effectively control the aging process of wine. Once bottled, wine starts to mature, so proper storage is essential for it to mature in the right manner. The advantage of having a wine cellar is that you don't have to go out and get a bottle of wine every time you are ready to sit down and eat, or want to enjoy a glass. Having your own cellar enables you to plan and store wines for special occasions, even the odd unforeseen ones.

A wine cellar is basically a storage place for wine. Any dark cool room will do; it doesn't necessarily have to be underground. A wine cellar can be any location from a spot below the basement staircase to a room built especially for this purpose. Innovators work with the homeowner to design a cellar, which might include carvings, pillars, molding along the wall and perhaps a decorative wine-tasting table that is usually positioned outside the cellar. Traditionally, a wine cellar was underground because such a location kept the wines at a proper temperature. Ideally, a wine cellar should be dry and cool. The ideal temperature to be maintained is 50?- 55?F, but a reasonably consistent temperature between 45?F and 70?F is acceptable. What's important is that the temperature remains constant. If there are changes to the temperature, the change shouldn't be drastic. Although wines age faster in warmer temperatures, excessive heat can damage the wine. Expertise lies in getting the temperature just right.

Wine cellar air conditioning units control the temperature in order to age wine in perfect conditions. They also provide the ideal humidity level for a wine cellar. The type of cellar that you need depends on the kinds of wine in your collection.

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A Short Wine Store Summary

Wine Cellar Innovations

The basic purpose of a wine cellar is to effectively control the aging process of wine. Once bottled, wine starts to mature, so proper storage is esse...

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Featured Wine Store Items

Riedel Tequila Glass (Set of 4)

This elegant slender glass has a lengthy stem and is designed to lift fine Tequila to the level it deserves. Devotees can now appreciate Tequila in it's own glass and give it the respect of which it is worthy. Set of 4 packed in a black box decorated with drawings of the blue agave plant. 8 1/4 in 6 3/4 oz

Price: 43.60 USD

Wine Store in the news

Wine & Cheese Festival (Lewisboro Ledger)

Thu, 16 Oct 08 08:22:13 -0700
The Greenwich Symphony Wine & Cheese Festival on Friday, Oct. 17, from 7 to 9:30 at Richards, 359 Greenwich Avenue, will raise funds to support the orchestra’s Young People’s Concerts.

Mango Weekly - 16 October 2008

Thu, 16 Oct 08 08:17:02 -0700
Editorial: Brokeback English Greetings and Salutations. We often kid one of our friends about how he speaks to us. Because many of his conversations are with bargirls he tends to carry it over when speaking to other farangs. I find myself doing it sometimes too so it’s not just him. It’s Thai-English of sorts or maybe we can call it Brokeback English. For his benefit and for any bargirls reading this, I am providing a translation of last week’s Editorial from American-English to Brokebac

Spanish Vines, Inc. Launches New Online Community Celebrating Spanish Culture (Marketwire via Yahoo! Finance)

Thu, 16 Oct 08 05:45:00 -0700
Spanish Vines, Inc., a growing Columbia, S.C.-based importer and provider of authentic Spanish wine and food products in the United States, today announced the launch of the new online community, designed to guide visitors on an interactive tour of Spanish wine, culture, history and travel.

County looks for beer, wine answers (Las Cruces Sun-News)

Wed, 15 Oct 08 13:26:39 -0700
To watch or listen to county commission meetings online, click here. LAS CRUCES — Doña Ana County commissioners today are scheduled to again take up a measure about holding a beer and wine permit election in the county, but it's unclear whether they'll take action.

New Oregon Wine Explorer Features Interactive Trip Planner to Help Travelers Choose Wineries, Lodging and Dining (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)

Wed, 15 Oct 08 12:00:00 -0700
Oregon wine country remains one of the most idyllic and accessible destinations, but having local knowledge and convenient maps can make all the difference in creating a memorable experience.

White wine 'just as healthy as red' (Channel 4)

Wed, 15 Oct 08 11:57:48 -0700
A new study provides the perfect excuse to pour another glass of Pinot Grigio. Experts say white wine is just as healthy for the heart as red. Rats given a tipple of Italian white wine with their meals suffered less heart attack damage than animals allowed only water or raw grain alcohol.

Fresno Wine


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