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September 29, 2008 - Wine Cabinet

A Featured Wine Cabinet Article


Wine is a fermented grape juice. Other alcoholic beverages made from fermented fruit juices are also commonly called wine; however, their names usually come with a qualifier like ?peach wine,? elderberry wine? and ?blackberry wine.? When no description is used, the term ?wine? is understood as a beverage made from grapes.

Grapes and other fruits used in winemaking have natural sugar. Among them, the grape is the most suitable for winemaking. This is because grape fruits have the right amount of sugar needed for proper fermentation. Their skin also has natural yeasts that begin the fermentation process that involves turning sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. There are different kinds of wine and they are classified according to the vinification method (sparkling wine, white wine, fortified wine and the like), the taste (dry and sweet wines and the year the grapes are harvested or made into wine (vintage and non-vintage wines).

Grape wines are classified as appetizer wines, red dinner wines, white dinner wines, sparkling wines and dessert wines. Sparkling wines differ because they have bubbles composed of carbon dioxide, just like soft drinks.

Appetizer wines, also known as aperitif wines, are flavored and are made to drink before eating. Red dinner wines are table wines and are typically dry (without or with little sugar). They are served with main-course dishes. White dinner wines, on the other hand, are either very dry or sweet and are served chilled. They are white because the skin of the grape is separated from the juice during fermentation.

Wine is very symbolic; thus, it is usually given as a gift during special occasions and is used in special ceremonies. Even thousands of years before the time of Christ, wine has already been used in many ancient religious rituals and has been associated with happiness, celebration and good health.

Exclusive vintage wines, particularly red wines, are among the best presents you can give. However, since they are usually sourced from the finest vineyards and wine-making regions, they are very expensive ? about 2 to 5 times the price of an ordinary wine.

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Wine is a fermented grape juice. Other alcoholic beverages made from fermented fruit juices are also commonly called wine; however, their names usuall...

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Wine Cabinet Items For Viewing

Cork Jet Pump Style Corkscrew Replacement Cartridge

Replacement cartridges for the Cork Jet wine opener.

Price: 5.95 USD

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