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August - Chianti Region-

Chianti Region For Your Reading Pleasure

Valentine?s Day Gifts For The Wine Enthusiast

It?s that time of the year again! February is the month of love and the perfect time to spoil your favorite wine enthusiast. Even if you think that they have everything that they could possibly need, there are sure to be items that they would still love to have or that could top off their collection of wine items. There are also several gifts that can be used to complement their already wide assortment of wine belongings and to really show your love for them and their love for wine.

Everybody needs a vacation and even if it is just one night away, it will be greatly appreciated. Plan a romantic Valentine?s Day getaway by visiting a Wine Country Bed and Breakfast. Even if you are nowhere near Napa Valley, there are small wineries popping up in various states across the country. From Washington and Oregon to Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and states in New England, you will be able to find a winery and bed and breakfast near your home. Bed and Breakfasts are great, as you get to lounge as long as you want and you don?t even have to cook. Plan a romantic dinner with just the two of you and a nice bottle of wine. Many are all-inclusive and start at $100 a night.

If you can go a little further from home and you really want to make an impression on your wine enthusiast, there are several packages that offer wine tours in the popular wine countries. Packages can be purchased that will allow you to travel to France or Italy and enjoy vineyard tours, sightseeing and good wine from those countries.

Wine Lover?s Chocolate Tins are the absolute best for a chocolate and wine lover. These tins are excellent ways of pairing your chocolates and your wines. In fact, each tin is matched with the varietal that complements it the best. Not only does your valentine get some great chocolate, but you know exactly which wine to pair it with.

Wine club memberships are excellent for those who enjoy the opportunity to try a variety of different wines and to get them at great prices. The level of the membership will dictate the price of the package, but these are definitely the gift that keeps on giving. You can determine how many months you want to purchase and there are clubs depending on the type of wine your wine lover loves. There are red clubs, white clubs, international and dessert clubs. You are sure to find a club that fits their needs. While you are getting monthly wines, you might consider adding in a chocolate of the month club as well. These offer gourmet chocolates that will be excellent for pairing with a variety of wines that are coming in from the wine club.

Wine country gift baskets offer an assortment of cheeses, chocolates and wines to match. They are fully assembled, very impressive and perfect gifts for the wine lover.

Wine lovers love getting anything wine and these gifts will show that you know their taste and that you love what they love.

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A synopsis on Chianti Region.

Valentine?s Day Gifts For The Wine Enthusiast

It?s that time of the year again! February is the month of love and the perfect time to spoil your favorite wine enthusiast. Even if you think that th...

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Millenium Gold Sparkling

Our ever popular "Gold" is now available in an etched and hand-painted bottle decorated for the Millennium celebrations. This California sparkling wine has been made in a limited production, so get your orders in early. Buy Champagne online! GDMM GDMM

Price: 76.99 USD

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