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August 2008 - Wine Valley

Today's Wine Valley Article

Wine Stopper Wedding Favor Tops The Party

Wine connoisseurs and their friends invited to the wedding reception would love to receive a wine stopper wedding favor and there are several from which to choose. Although the stopper end is going to be standard to fit inside most wine bottles, it is the top of the stopper that is unique.

There is a chrome finish wine stopper wedding favor with a beveled heart on top that can also be used on the wine bottle at the reception?s main table. Matching ones on the table with a tag attached with a personalized ribbon will make all the guests feel a part of the ceremonies. The stopper is also chrome with a rubber washer to seal the open bottle. If the wine stopper wedding favor arrives in a clear plastic display box, a ribbon can be decoratively wrapped around it and placed on the table as a decoration.

A similar wine stopper wedding favor has a snowflake on top, generally for use at winter weddings; it is available in a clear cone-shaped plastic container. Try adding some uncooked tapioca pearls to the inside of the case as fake snow to add to the decorative effect. Miniature pom poms, available at most crafts stores can also be used in place of the tapioca.

Lucky In Love Or Taking A ChanceA set of four special wine stopper wedding favors come with the tops decorated with the suits of a deck of cards. A red heart and diamond along with a black club and spade stand up on these toppers, letting everyone know you feel lucky in love. One distributor sends them out as a set of four, with each one in a separate case, each standing about six-inches high. They all have a matching tag tied on with a white ribbon. Imagine the wedding toasts these wine stopper wedding favors can invoke.

Another fine quality wine stopper wedding favor includes a four-and-a-half-inch bottle stopper and a slightly larger cork screw. Both have a heart on the top and comes in a clear-cover box with a white ribbon tied around them and a heart-shaped note that says thank you.

To add a touch of elegance to you table, a wine stopper wedding favor, finished in chrome with a heart at the topFree Web Content, is encased in a round display stand with a black and floral design around the bottom. It is topped with a black plastic cap with a matching thank you tag tied on with a net ribbon.


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Short Review on Wine Valley

Wine Stopper Wedding Favor Tops The Party

Wine connoisseurs and their friends invited to the wedding reception would love to receive a wine stopper wedding favor and there are several from whi...

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Wine Valley Items For Viewing

Ausbruch Mini Case Special

Beautiful selection of our very popular and delicious blends of Hajos-Bajai Kekfrankos Ausbruch, Blaufraenkisch Ausbruch, Dornfelder Red Volz Ausbruch, and Marom Merlot - Red. The full-bodied variety is excellent will all types of dishes. We'll pay the tax and shipping! Order a 12 bottle case, 3 of each for just $247.00 delivered, (save $90). Order a Mini Case (1 of each) for $89.00 (save $30.00). Prices include tax and delivery. AUSBRUCH-MINI

Price: 119.00 USD

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Tue, 22 Jul 2008 13:54:59 PDT
sneak peek i went back to have a lil peek at the hip hop dancers. expecting to see the whole studio filled up, high on adrenaline and movements and all. but what i got was a 180 degree turnabout. i feel their pain ): afterall, i was the first to get ousted for both modern and hiphop. body.... why the heck do you hate me so much!!!!!!!!!! it took me quite a lot of courage to go see them dance. even cummy asked me " you sure you wanna go? i'm afraid you cant take it. " well, i guess some peo

Bruk Pockets’ Guide To Enjoying R.T.I./A.T.I.

Sun, 20 Jul 2008 00:54:08 PDT
1. Getting to Negril - As we all may know, gas prices are at an all time, and a trip from Kingston to Negril and back cost……….. KRAZY MONEY!!!(for a bruk pocket atleast). Plus $150 toll!! jah know!, is like everything set against our broke asses. ★ Solution - Voyagers: A.T.I./R.T.I. Vibes Shuttle (Is Like A Fucking Bus Party, Siiiiiick!!) COST: $3500 to and from Negril. Bus leaves Kingston Thursday July 31st for North Coast, Negril Whats in the package? .Mix Drink Inclusive .Beer Vibes

Drink Responsibly, Negril Fight

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 20:58:19 PDT
Don’t end up like this fucking fool lmao!!, Hear the lady bout the man haffi buy back her rake lol.

All Roads Point To Negril!!!

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 12:52:00 PDT
Don’t be the only person in Kingston this Independence Weekend, You’ll be like Will Smith in I Am Legend, you better lock up when night fall!! lol, But on a more serious note here is the party line up for R.T.I., we haven’t gotten the full details on all the parties yet nor have we listen info. on the Temptation Live series, so if your really interested check back in a week or so. The parties we do have information on are as follows. Thursday July 31st J.D.H.P and Renaissance will hosting TEM

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Dutty Wine

Tue, 15 Jul 2008 03:34:32 PDT
Tony Matterhorn's video for Dutty Wine, from Reggae Gold 2006, IN STORES NOW!!!

Kiss Cafe

Mon, 14 Jul 2008 19:22:47 PDT
Kiss Cafe was the next stop in the Friday night club tour, LOL. To be honest I’m very interested in visiting the cafe during the day, just to see what it looks like; it looked like a nice spot to chill, during the day. Club-wise it could have been better. Not sure if it’s an 18 and over spot or what, but there were definitely A LOT of youngin’sin the spot. The “party promoter” A.K.A ”stalker status” was more interested in taking pics with select females than he was about making sure everyone

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hey i noticed a link to my site from your postings, did you like my article? "Bruk Pockets Guide" and "All Roads Lead To Negril"

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