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2008 - Wine Class

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Wood Wine Cabinets?Welcome To The Club!

When we first leave the nest and head off to start that great adventure known as adulthood, a set of lavish wood wine cabinets are not even practical because it isn?t even legal for us to drink yet. However, even if were late bloomers and did not leave until we were over 21, there are still a lot of furniture purchases that need to be made before we can realistically think about a wine rack?let alone a beautiful cabinet. However, as we age and advance in our careers, our tastes and bank accounts hopefully mature. Whereas we might have had some fun at parties listening to loud music and perhaps even drinking beer, there comes a point when we start to appreciate the finer things in life.

Premium wood wine cabinets are not just about storage. After all, wine racks are certainly less expensive and serve the same primary function. However, whereas a wine rack provides little to no security against the curiosity of young children, you can use beautiful wood wine racks to keep the children out of things until they reach a more appropriate age. Typical wine racks just seem to present too much temptation sometimes for the intense curiosity and adventurous spirit of childhood.

However, even if the children are grown or have reached ages when such concerns are unwarranted, you will still want to consider shopping for wood wine cabinets for one very simple but important reason?they are simply gorgeous!! There are a number of materials to choose from when looking for lavish wood wine cabinets including oak and even cherry wood. These ornate and highly refined pieces of furniture provide far more than simple wine storage?they literally add a very distinct and stylish decorative element to any space in your home.

So, as you have graduated into adulthood and now find yourself truly enjoying some of the finer things in life (you know, all those crazy ?fuddy duddy? things that our parents did!), isn?t it time you took your wine storage above the stage of a simple rack sitting atop your counter? Lavish wood wine cabinets not only hold your bottles and corkscrew, they are also a great place to store your favorite classes and other accessories. Luxurious wood wine cabinets are the perfect accessories that mark your ascension into the club that is adulthood!

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A Short Wine Class Summary

Wood Wine Cabinets?Welcome To The Club!

When we first leave the nest and head off to start that great adventure known as adulthood, a set of lavish wood wine cabinets are not even practical ...

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Heitz Cellars - Bella Oaks Vineyard - Cabernet Sauvignon

"The 1999 Bella Oaks Californian Cabernet is an elegant and rich wine; superbly complete and focused with predominant black cherry flavors accented with just a touch of spice. The wine finishes with a bright, silky finish. Recognized worldwide for its consistency in quality and style, the 1999 Bella Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon captures the essence of the 1999 vintage. Like so many past vintages of Bella Oaks, the 1999 vintage is drinking wonderfully at this time, but the tenacity of the wine will allow it to age well into the future". From the Heitz Cellars Winery. Buying this red wine on-line is simple. (Subject to Availability). HCBC99 HCBC99

Price: 118.99 USD

News about Wine Class

WineDater - drinks cabinet

Thu, 29 May 2008 09:07:58 PDT
This is a really cool part of a site which gives interesting facts and stories about the alco drinks industry. Beer tidal waves and 'real' cost of wines amongst others. The rest of the site's cool as well - they run wine tasting events for singles!

Gold Medal Wines – The Ideal Way To Ensure You Are Drinking

Thu, 29 May 2008 11:27:06 PDT
There are many wine writers and wine competitions throughout the world, all of them rate wines by scores out of 10, 20 or 100 or by awarding stars or medals. These medals are... read more

National Geographic Presents: "A Night in Slovenia"

Fri, 30 May 2008 08:36:59 PDT
Have you ever wanted to travel in Eastern Europe? Have you dreamt of backpacking through hillside villages, sampling the local foods, drinking local wines and taking in the unique cultures? Check this out...

Ghost Goblets Make For Killer Cocktails

Fri, 30 May 2008 22:26:35 PDT
You could serve wine or cocktails to your guests in a simple glass, but with these handblown Ghost Goblets—why would you want to? As you can see, the glasses feature a hollow that collects the drink making it appear as if there is a goblet floating in the center of the glass.

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